Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Summer plans...

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So this summer we are finally going to do something special. We are going with a "fish" theme.

Originally we were going to try to go camping but everywhere required a trailer or RV so we scratched that idea. I looked into some beach houses for nightly rental. Found one place but it was a rip off for not including anything, and parking was 3 miles away LOL

So then we looked into trading my grandparents time share, well all the good summer places are already taken up, all thats left is desert. So we scratched that idea too. So now were going to stay at my grandparents since they are in Pennsylvania for th next couple of months. Were going snorkeling, Legoland, Sea life Aquarium, possibly the Birch Aquarium (if we have time) and then Wil and I are going to see the Body Works exhibit. I am sooo excited!!! We are going to have a blast... And Ella has NO idea!!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


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Wow this really makes me realize how fast time flies by, I still remember when you were in your mama's belly, and how we were all thinking you were going to be a HUGE baby! I watched your mama's belly grow and how exciting it was to have your mom there by my side during both of our pregnancies. You are my baby bee's best friend, and ALWAYS will be! You have jumped leaps and bounds and been through more than an average person would go through (in their entire life), within the past 2 years. You make all of us so proud and I love you little guy!!!! Happy 2nd birthday and I hope you enjoy Dland!!! :D


Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Lily put all her eggs into G's bag! Photobucket

His bag was stocked full of Lily's eggs Photobucket

Confetti eggs Photobucket

They really hurt! Photobucket


Family pic :) Photobucket

Mmmm Photobucket

Ella and her cousin Brigid doing some funky smiles Photobucket

The BEST Easter basket a mama can get! Photobucket


This freaking weather is driving me insane! Bring on the warmth!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Your about to be dumped

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Oooh BURN!! Hahahahha


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Cracks me up! It reminds me of the first time (and last time) I gave Ella benadryl, she slept walked. I was cleaning the kitchen and Ella comes in, goes under the sink cabinet and grabs out the 409 sprays it on her hands, turns the lights off and went back to bed. TRIPPY!!! It was freaky, but she loved hearing the story the next morning.

Daddy brought home dinner

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