Sunday, March 29, 2009


The last couple days have been CRAZY busy!!! So friday, I woke up at 9, fed G and made breakfast for Lily and Wil. Then I wen't to home depot, picked up paint and flowers, then I wen't to find a yellow shirt for my plex bday shirt, then I had to get ink for the printer, then I had to shoot over to target and get diapers and other random stuff. Got home at 12, only had enough time to feed G and unload the car a little. Left again at 12:30 to go pick Ella up from school, finally got off the freeway at 2:00, I called papa johns to order our pizza, picked it up, I asked the guy for red pepper flakes and he came back with "red paper plates" LMAO I nearly wet my pants when he said that. Got home and ate 2 slices then about 20 minutes after we got home my momma in law came over with our neice and nephew. We got straight to cleaning. Sweeping, windexing all that good stuff! After that I watched all 5 kids while Wil and his mom went out. I made like 48 cupcakes and a cake. Then I had the kids help me decorate, blow up balloons and clean more for a little bit and then I did more until they got back a little before 11. Thank God I finally got to go to bed a little after 12.

Then we woke up at 8, I ran down to the ATM to get cash for the jumper guy. Then I tried finding the jumper place on my navigation to pick up the balloons, well the directions were wrong, they kept saying Georgia! So I had to run home and mapquest it, they couldn't get me directions either. I called the jumper place to recheck their address, turns out what I had gotten off was wrong!!! So then i re-navigated myself there, turns out I was only a few minutes away from it when I wen't to the ATM. So I go there and get the balloons, shoved them in the trunk and wen't down to Albertsons to pick up our chicken. Well the dumb lady at the deli told me my order wasn't there, I guess the guy I placed my order with on the phone didn't fill out the form. So I had to wait 25 min. for them to make my order. It was 11 and the party started at 1! I was about to pull my hair out. Finally my order was ready, so I'm driving home and Wil calls, the jumper hasn't arrived yet, it was 11:30 and they were supposed to drop it off between 10 and 11 am! So i'm stressed beyond imaginable. Finally get home and a couple minutes later the jumper finally shows up!! Gahh thank god! So then it's literally crunch time. Im frosting cupcakes and decorating Lily's cake as fast as I can, my momma in law and I are chopping fruit and making sandwiches like some kind of wizard. I don't know how we did it! Finally like 10 minutes until the party starts and I get to take a shower.

I got ready in about 15 minutes from the time I got in the shower (surprising for me!!) And the party was AMAZING!!!!

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